Big Pine Saddle Club

The Big Pine Saddle Club has some great scenery to the west, both horses and owners with unique personalities and facilities that meet most horsemen’s needs. The club features huge corrals and running water, literally. Below are bulleted features, the kind you might see for a private stable. If you don’t see something you and your horse need, give it time; it’ll probably sprout up eventually.

The element that best describes the club is the fact that some of the original members are now teaching their grandkids how to ride. The club was formed in the 1970’s on a 15-acre Los Angeles Department of Water and Power lease by families who wanted horses but didn’t have space at their homes. These original members put their own kids on horses about the time they could walk. The second generation members grew up and passed on the tradition to their own children.

The Big Pine Saddle Club is a family. Like any family there are squabbles, but the DNA that joins club members is a deep love of their horses. If you need help with a horse issue, club members have decades of experience and will give you advice. If you run out of hay and can’t get any delivered for a few days, club members will lend you enough bales to get by. If you need a hand putting up a corral, clearing weeds, fixing a hay shed, club members are there for you. That’s what families do.

Our horses range from Warmbloods to Arabians to Appaloosas, but the dominant breed is the Quarter Horse. We do barrels, post, jump, sometimes without warning, but the dominant activity is trail riding.

Big Pine Saddle Club features:

·         100 x 200-foot paneled riding arena

·         45-foot diameter round pen

·         Wash rack

·         50 x 100-foot space for corral, hay storage and tack room

·         Running stream to all but three corrals, those three have piped water within a few feet

·         Access to Sierra foothills via Baker Creek Road


Location: Corner of Baker Creek Road and School Street

For more information, call (760)  938-5687 or e-mail at BPSC@bpsaddleclub.com